SECURE AND EFFICIENT DATA TRANSMISSION FOR CLUSTER-BASED WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS ABSTRACT: Secure data transmission is a critical issue for wireless sensor networks (WSNs).Clustering is an effective and practical way to enhance the system performance of WSNs. In this paper, we study a secure data transmission for cluster-based WSNs (CWSNs), where the clusters are formed dynamically […]

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CERTIFICATELESS REMOTE ANONYMOUS AUTHENTICATION SCHEMES FOR WIRELESS BODY AREA NETWORKS ABSTRACT: Wireless body area network (WBAN) has been recognizedas one of the promising wireless sensor technologies for improving healthcare service thanks to its capability of seamlessly and continuously exchanging medical information in real time. However, the lack of an clear in-depth defense line in such […]

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PRIVATE SEARCHING ON STREAMING DATA BASED ON KEYWORD FREQUENCY TO VIEW OUTPUT CLICK HERE ABSTRACT: Private searching on streaming data is a process to dispatch to a public server a program, which searches streaming sources of data without revealing searching criteria and then sends back a buffer containing the findings. From an Abelian group homomorphic […]

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CAPTCHA AS GRAPHICAL PASSWORDS—A NEW SECURITY PRIMITIVE BASED ON HARD AI PROBLEMS ABSTRACT: Many security primitives are based on hard mathematical problems. Using hard AI problems for security is emerging as an exciting new paradigm, but has been underexplored.In this paper, we present a new security primitive based on hard AI problems, namely, a novel […]

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LEVERAGING SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR P2P CONTENT-BASED FILE SHARING IN DISCONNECTED MANETS ABSTRACT: Current peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing methods in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) can be classified into three groups: flooding-based, advertisement-based, and social contact-based. The first two groups of methods can easily have high overhead and low scalability. They are mainly developed for connected […]

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ENABLING SPECTRUM SHARING IN SECONDARY MARKET AUCTIONS ABSTRACT: Wireless spectrum is a scare resource, but in practice much of it is under-used by current owners. To enable better use of this spectrum, we propose an auction approach to dynamically allocate the spectrum in a secondary market. Unlike previous auction approaches, we seek to take advantage […]

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DESIGNING TRUTHFUL SPECTRUM DOUBLE AUCTIONS WITH LOCAL MARKETS ABSTRACT: Market-driven spectrum auctions offer an efficient way to improve spectrum utilization by transferring unused or under-used spectrum from its primary license holder to spectrum-deficient secondary users. Such a spectrum market exhibits strong locality in two aspects: 1) that spectrum is a local resource and can only […]

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TYPICALITY-BASED COLLABORATIVE FILTERING RECOMMENDATION  ABSTRACT: Collaborative filtering (CF) is an important and popular technology for recommender systems. However, current CF methods suffer from such problems as data sparsity, recommendation inaccuracy and big-error in predictions. In this paper, we borrow ideas of object typicality from cognitive psychology and propose a novel typicality-based collaborative filtering recommendation method […]

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A COCKTAIL APPROACH FOR TRAVEL PACKAGE RECOMMENDATION ABSTRACT: Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in recommender systems. Despite significant progress in this field, there still remain numerous avenues to explore. Indeed, this paper provides a study of exploiting online travel information for personalized travel package recommendation. A critical challenge along this line is to […]

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PRODUCT ASPECT RANKING AND ITS APPLICATIONS ABSTRACT: Numerous consumer reviews of products are now available on the Internet. Consumer reviews contain rich and valuable knowledge for both firms and users. However, the reviews are often disorganized, leading to difficulties in information navigation and knowledge acquisition. This article proposes a product aspect ranking framework, which automatically […]

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