LARS*: AN EFFICIENT AND SCALABLE LOCATION-AWARE RECOMMENDER SYSTEM ABSTRACT: This paper proposes LARS*, a location-aware recommender system that uses location-based ratings to produce recommendations. Traditional recommender systems do not consider spatial properties of users nor items; LARS*, on the other hand, supports a taxonomy of three novel classes of location-based ratings, namely, spatial ratings for […]

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SUPPORTING PRIVACY PROTECTION IN PERSONALIZED WEB SEARCH ABSTRACT: Personalized web search (PWS) has demonstrated its effectiveness in improving the quality of various search services on the Internet. However, evidences show that users’ reluctance to disclose their private information during search has become a major barrier for the wide proliferation of PWS. We study privacy protection […]

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 Data Mining with Big Data ABSTRACT: Big Data concern large-volume, complex, growing data sets with multiple, autonomous sources. With the fast development of networking, data storage, and the data collection capacity, Big Data are now rapidly expanding in all science and engineering domains, including physical, biological and biomedical sciences. This paper presents a HACE theorem […]

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TrustedDB:A TRUSTED HARDWARE BASED DATABASE WITH PRIVACY AND DATA CONFIDENTIALITY ABSTRACT: Traditionally, as soon as confidentiality becomes a concern, data is encrypted before outsourcing to a service provider. Any software-based cryptographic constructs then deployed, for server-side query processing on the encrypted data, inherently limit query expressiveness. Here, we introduce TrustedDB, an outsourced database prototype that […]

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SECURE MINING OF ASSOCIATION RULES IN HORIZONTALLY DISTRIBUTED DATABASES ABSTRACT: We propose a protocol for secure mining of association rules in horizontally distributed databases. The current leading protocol is that of Kantarcioglu and Clifton. Our protocol, like theirs, is based on the Fast Distributed Mining (FDM) algorithm of Cheung et al. which is an unsecured […]

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EFFICIENT RANKING ON ENTITY GRAPHS WITH PERSONALIZED RELATIONSHIPS ABSTRACT: Authority flow techniques like Page Rank and Object Rank can provide personalized ranking of typed entity-relationship graphs. There are two main ways to personalize authority flow ranking: Node-based personalization, where authority originates from a set of user-specific nodes; Edge-based personalization, where the importance of different edge […]

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CONTENT CACHING AND SCHEDULING IN WIRELESS NETWORKS WITH ELASTIC AND INELASTIC TRAFFIC ABSTRACT: The rapid growth of wireless content access implies the need for content placement and scheduling at wireless base stations. We study a system under which users are divided into clusters based on their channel conditions, and their requests are represented by different […]

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RELIABLE AND TIMELY EVENT NOTIFICATION FOR PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE SERVICES OVER THE INTERNET ABSTRACT: The publish/subscribe paradigm is gaining attention for the development of several applications in wide area networks (WANs) due to its intrinsic time, space, and synchronization decoupling properties that meet the scalability and asynchronous requirements of those applications. However, while the communication in a […]

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DISTRIBUTED, CONCURRENT, AND INDEPENDENT ACCESS TO ENCRYPTED CLOUD DATABASES ABSTRACT: Power efficiency is one of the main issues that will drive the design of data centers, especially of those devoted to provide Cloud computing services. In virtualized data centers, consolidation of Virtual Machines (VMs) on the minimum number of physical servers has been recognized as […]

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DECENTRALIZED ACCESS CONTROL WITH ANONYMOUS AUTHENTICATION OF DATA STORED IN CLOUDS ABSTRACT: We propose a new decentralized access control scheme for secure data storage in clouds that supports anonymous authentication. In the proposed scheme, the cloud verifies the authenticity of the series without knowing the user’s identity before storing data. Our scheme also has the […]

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